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Magnetic Socks

Magnetic socks have a good fit, effective for foot moss treatment, can effectively promote blood circulation and boost cell metabolism, and has a health care effect such as activating human body cells to relieve pain and inflammation.

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Product Description

Magnetic Socks|Lemonsox 0.3GS

The magnetic intensity on the surface of magnetic socks is 0.3gs which is weakly magnetic and has health care effects such as promoting blood circulation promoting cell metabolism activating the body' cells, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain.

Magnetic socks & healthiness evaluation report

Production process: 33% magnetic fibre filament, 52% combed cotton yarn and 15% spandex core yarn.
A sock machine knitted it.

Magnetic Socks & Product performance

good fit with human feet and good comfort.
It has health effects such as promoting blood circulation, cell metabolism, sparking body cells, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Questionnaire survey: We randomly selected a total of 270 employees of textile factories, aged above 18 years old, and obtained 195 valid questionnaires after the strict screening, with a questionnaire efficiency of 72%.

Magnetic Socks & Healthiness evaluation

(1). Foot odour, foot sweat, foot easy to cold symptoms research sample number is more significant than 40% or more. The validity is 85.4% and 81.7%, respectively, reflecting the magnetic socks have a good market demand.
(2). Magnetic socks have some improvement on eight symptoms, such as foot moss, and the effectiveness is more than 75%, which indicates that magnetic socks have some health care effect, but their significance needs to be improved.
(3). The effectiveness of magnetic socks on eight kinds of symptoms in order is foot moss > foot odour and foot sweat > foot easy to break > heel pain > foot easy to cold > foot frostbite > nerve fatigue > sleep disorder.

Magnetic Socks - Video Gallery

The professional guide to magnetic socks

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