Do you know the features and advantages nasal oxygen cannula?


The nasal oxygen cannula is a device used to deliver additional oxygen or air flow to a client or person in need of breathing aid. This gadget includes a PVC plastic tube which fits behind the ears, and a set of 2 prongs which are positioned in the nostrils.

nasal oxygen cannula

Features of Nasal Oxygen Cannula:

Total tube length of 2 meter (can be customize).
Small volume. To be use with 1-6 lpm.
Expiry 5 years from manufacturing date.
Non- Sterile

nasal oxygen cannula

The advantages of nasal oxygen cannula:

The nasal oxygen cannula is better fixed, and there is less sliding during nursing and artificial respiration;
The patient cannot bite the cannula, and the awake patient feels that the nasal oxygen cannula is more comfortable and the swallowing action is better.

nasal oxygen cannula

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