What is Tracheostomy Tube?


The tracheostomy tube is used for tracheostomy stoma (the hole made in the neck and windpipe). Tube holds the tracheostomy open, bypass the upper airway obstruction, provide long-term ventilation support and manage tracheal/ bronchial secretion, delivery oxygen to the lungs. 

Tracheotomy tube plain endotracheal tube with cuff, tube made from Non-toxic PVC, latex free. PVC tube contains DEHP, DEHP FREE tube is available. Cuff: its great length reduces mucosal irritation by pressure distribution against a wider area of tracheal tissue and provides improved protection against micro aspiration of fluid along the cuff, it vertically provides elasticity against the tube shaft in order to buffer short-term intratracheal pressure (e.g. coughing), keeping the tube in correct position.

This tracheotomy tube allows identification for condensation, radio opaque line through the tube length for X-ray visualization, gently rounded, drawn in tracheal tube tip for atraumatic and smooth intubation, softly rounded Murphy eyes in tube tip is less invasive, in blister packing, single use, EO sterilization, certified with,CE, ISO. The specifications as below: endotracheal tube cuffed. High volume. Low pressure.

Tracheostomy Tube Feature:
With radiopaque line (X-ray visualization);The blue X-ray opaque line throughout the tube
Standard connector;high Volume Low Pressure Cuff seals the tracheal wall positively
Transparent and Smooth;
Individually Packed by poly-paper pouches with ETO sterilization.
Tracheostomy tube without cuff is also available.

Tracheostomy Tube Construction:
Consist of medical grade  thermosensitive PVC, High transparency and smooth cuff, inflation lumen;non-toxic, non-irritating;
15mm connector Reliable connection to all standard ecquipment.

Tracheostomy Tube

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