All Maysino staff worked overtime to make masks


The pneumonia epidemic infected by the new coronavirus has spread, and the mask has become the "first protective wall".

In order to meet the demand of mask supply from international and domestic customers, all the personnel of maysino worked overtime to manufacture masks

All Maysino staff worked overtime to make masks

In the workshop, the production line employees and the management team are on the front line, working overtime to produce various types of masks, such as N95 masks and medical masks, to fully protect the current epidemic prevention and control needs.

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. To ensure the production of masks is also a race against time and a fight against viruses. Maysino hopes to better fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute more to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

In the maysino packaging inspection area, the recalled workers are stepping up to pack the already produced masks. Despite tight schedules and heavy tasks, the quality of the masks was not at all insignificant. Workers who are packing are closely watching the masks in their hands, and stained and damaged masks that are not up to standard will be picked out one by one.

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