Do you know That There are Different Specifications for Blood Bags?


Do you know That There are Different Specifications for Blood Bags? 

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If you donate blood frequently, if you pay attention, you will find the blood bag is different. At present, blood bags for donating whole blood in China are mainly divided into three types: 200, 300, and 400 ml.

However, during the blood donation process, occasionally a blood donor chooses to donate 200 ml of blood at the beginning, and during the blood collection process, they propose to donate more. Or some blood donors ask, can a 400ml blood bag be used for 200ml blood donation?

The answer is no.

Blood needs anticoagulation

The blood collection bag contains blood maintenance solution (also known as anticoagulant, which is a chemical substance that prevents blood coagulation and the destruction of red blood cells. It contains sodium citrate, phosphate, glucose, adenine and other substances, which can prevent blood from clotting in a certain proportion. ). The amount of anticoagulant in the blood bag has been prepared according to the blood volume of the blood bag. There are more maintenance solutions in 400 ml blood bags, and less maintenance solutions in 200 ml blood bags.

What happens if the blood volume is not enough?

If too little blood is collected, such as a 400 ml blood bag collecting less than 350 ml of blood, there will be an excess of anticoagulants. After such blood is transfused to the patient, there is a risk of hypocalcemia in the patient.

After the excess blood of the maintenance solution is transfused to the patient, the excess sodium citrate may be combined with the calcium ions in the patient’s blood, reducing the patient’s blood calcium concentration, and even causing clinical calcium deficiency symptoms, including muscle cramps, arrhythmia, Convulsions, seizures, etc.

Is too much blood OK?

When the amount of blood is taken too much, because the blood exceeds the anticoagulation range of the maintenance solution in the blood bag, the amount of the maintenance solution is relatively small, the blood is prone to blood clots, and the blood transfusion process is easy to block the blood transfusion set and blood transfusion needles. Clotted blood cannot be distributed to patients for use.

Therefore, in the usual blood collection process, friends should not worry that the nurse sister will take too much blood, because if the blood in the blood bag exceeds the specified amount of the blood bag, the whole bag will be unusable, resulting in a waste of blood.

Why is it recommended to donate 400 ml of blood?

From the perspective of blood recipients, under the condition of ensuring a certain amount of blood transfusion, reducing the number of recipients of foreign blood as much as possible is an effective measure to ensure the safety of blood recipients.

From the perspective of blood donors, doubling the amount of blood donated per unit time not only does not affect health, but also stimulates the regeneration of fresh blood in the donor's body.

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