What is a resuscitator


The resuscitator is also called pressurized oxygen bladder (AMBU), which is a simple tool for artificial ventilation. Compared with mouth-to-mouth breathing, the oxygen supply concentration is higher, and the operation is simple. Especially when the condition is critical and there is no time for tracheal intubation, a pressurized mask can be used to give oxygen directly, so that the patient can get sufficient oxygen supply and improve tissue hypoxia.

Performance and device of resuscitator

The resuscitator has the advantages of simple structure, quick and convenient operation, easy to carry, and good ventilation effect. It is mainly composed of elastic breathing bag, respirator, breathing valve, air storage bag, face mask or tracheal intubation interface and oxygen interface.

The basic principle of resuscitator
Oxygen enters the spherical airbag and air storage bag, and the front valve is opened by the artificial finger pressure airbag, and the oxygen is pressed into the mask or tracheal tube close to the patient's nose to achieve the purpose of artificial ventilation.

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