Medical standards for cotton rolls


Medical absorbent cotton rolls are one of the categories of medical absorbent cotton, which is also a kind of medical absorbent cotton, which is only distinguished by shape; medical absorbent cotton is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for wound dressing, protection, and cleaning of patients.

1. The properties of cotton roll: soft and elastic white fiber, odorless and tasteless.

2. Whiteness: above 80 degrees.

3. Water soluble matter: less than 0.5% left in 100ml test solution.

4. PH: Add phenolphthalein indicator to 100ml test solution and it will not show pink, add bromocresol purple finger
The indicating agent shall not show yellow.

5. Easy to oxidize: add potassium permanganate test solution to 40ml test solution, the red color is incomplete within 5 minutes

6. Water absorption time of cotton roll: within 10 seconds.

7. Water absorption: more than 23g per gram of water absorption.

8. Soluble matter in ether: The residue left in 100ml of test solution should be less than 0.5%.

9. Fluorescent substance: only microscopic brown fluorescence and a few yellow particles are allowed under the ultraviolet lamp tube, except for a few
The detachable part does not show strong blue fluorescence.

10. Loss on drying (moisture content): should be less than 8%.

11. Residue on ignition: Take 2 grams and dry it to a constant weight, leaving no more than 0.5% of residue.

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