What are the contact thermometers? What are the non-contact digital thermometers?


There are two types of temperature measurement: contact thermometer and non-contact digital thermometer. Contact temperature measurement: the temperature sensitive element is in contact with the object to be measured, and the exchange depends on heat transfer and convection. The two require good thermal contact to obtain a higher measurement. Accuracy. Using non-contact digital temperature measurement, the temperature sensitive element does not contact the object to be measured, but exchanges heat through thermal radiation, or the temperature sensitive element accepts part of the thermal radiation energy of the object to be measured, and the measured object is deduced from the magnitude of the thermal radiation energy The temperature of the object. With this method, the temperature measurement response is fast, and the interference to the measured object is small. It can measure the high temperature, the moving object and the occasions with strong electromagnetic interference and strong corrosion. Disadvantages: low accuracy. Common contact temperature measurement: thermal resistance, thermocouple, bimetal thermometer, non-contact digital temperature measurement: photoelectric pyrometer, radiation thermometer, colorimetric thermometer, handheld infrared thermometer.

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