How to correctly use the bandage


1. Circular bandage
It is used for small or cylindrical parts of limbs, such as hands, feet, wrists and forehead. It is also used at the beginning of various bandages. Roll up the bandage, hold it with your right hand, unfold the bandage for about 8cm, fix the head end of the bandage with your left thumb, wrap the part in a continuous ring with your right hand, the number of rolls depends on the needs, and fix the end of the bandage with twisted cloth.

2. Spiral bandage
It is used for parts with approximately equal circumference, such as upper arm, finger, etc. Starting from the distal end, wrap two rolls in a ring, and then spiral wrap them at an angle of 30 ° to the proximal end. Each roll overlaps the previous roll by 2 / 3, and the end tape is fixed. When there is no bandage or temporary fixed splint in the first aid, the bandages do not cover each other every week, which is called snake bandage.

3. Spiral reverse wrapping method
It is used for parts with different circumference, such as forearm, lower leg, thigh, etc. first make two-week circular bandage, then spiral bandage, and then press the middle of the upper part of the winding belt with the thumb of one hand, and the other hand fold the winding belt down from this point to cover 1 / 3 or 2 / 3 of the front circumference. Each reverse fold shall be arranged in a straight line, but each reverse fold shall not be at the wound and bone carina.

3. "8" shape binding method
It is used for dressing and fixing clavicular fractures of shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and other joints. Take the elbow joint as an example, first wrap 2 rolls in the middle of the joint, wrap the bandage above the joint, then wrap it below the joint through the flexion side, wrap it over the dorsal side of the limb to the flexion side of the limb, and then wrap it above the joint. Repeat this, wrap it up and down continuously in the shape of "8". Each roll overlaps the previous roll by 2 / 3, and finally wrap 2 rolls in the ring above the joint, and fix it with adhesive tape

4. Reverse bandage
It is used for the head, finger end and limb stump. It is a series of left, right or front and back reverse bandages. After covering all the bandaged parts, make a circular bandage for two weeks).
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