What is the stomach tube


Stomach tube is to help patients who cannot swallow to transport necessary water and food under special circumstances. Stomach tubes are generally made of polyurethane or silicone materials. Depending on the material, polyurethane or silicone gastric tubes should be replaced every month. There are different specifications for the thickness and length, and the gastric tubes are the orogastric tube and the nasogastric tube. Among them, the orogastric tube is about 45cm long, and it can be inserted 35~40cm through the mouth. The nasogastric tube is about 105cm long and needs to be inserted through the nostril about 55cm. It passes through the pharynx and through the esophagus to reach the stomach. The nasogastric tube is easy to come out. It should be firmly pasted to prevent repeated intubation and aspiration. The tube and gastric tube should be used to inject the food into the mouth. It is composed of joints, gastric tube clamps, and cross knot blocking caps. Indwelling a nasogastric tube in the esophagus, the patient’s original digestive tract physiological environment is changed, which will cause the sphincter at the end of the esophagus to not close tightly, and the airway will not be smooth. The tube is used to draw gastric juice. There are generally two injection ports for gastric tube. The top cap can only be opened with a small syringe to manually pressurize the push rod and piston to make some liquid foods like water. Below, you can use a booster and a 100ml large syringe to make some liquids. Thicker meat and vegetable froth, or mechanically crushed noodles into paste or paste, can increase dietary fiber, which is conducive to defecation, and promotes digestion and nutrient supply. However, if you don't feed too much at a time, it will cause the stomach to empty. Esophageal reflux occurred freely. Large particles will block the pipe when it enters. The top is the gastric tube blocking cap, which should be blocked immediately and clamped after feeding. It is necessary to avoid gastric tube contamination. Gastric tube tape should be placed in a closed bedside table to prevent cockroach contamination.

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