The working principle of the oxygen concentrator


The common type of oxygen concentrator is pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator. It uses pressure swing adsorption technology to produce oxygen, which can extract oxygen from the air. The oxygen concentrator is filled with molecular sieve, and the surface area of each gram of molecular sieve can reach 800-1000m2 / g. under pressure, the physical adsorption technology and desorption technology of molecular sieve are used to adsorb nitrogen in the air, and the non adsorbed oxygen will be collected. Through purification treatment, oxygen with high purity can be obtained. When the molecular sieve is depressurized, the previously adsorbed nitrogen will be re discharged into the air. When pressurized again, nitrogen can be adsorbed to produce oxygen. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator can realize periodic circulating oxygen production, which is a dynamic process

The raw material for oxygen production of oxygen concentrator is air. After filtration (removing oil, dust, moisture and solid impurities in the air), the air enters the compressor for compression. After cooling, the compressed high-pressure air enters the adsorption tower for adsorption and separation. The adsorption tower is equipped with molecular sieve, in which nitrogen and carbon dioxide will be adsorbed by molecular sieve, The gas flowing out of the adsorption tower is oxygen with high purity, which can be used as medical oxygen. Part of the separated oxygen enters the air storage tank through the one-way valve, is depressurized by the pressure reducing valve, and then flows out through the flowmeter and humidification bottle for users; The other part of oxygen back blows and cleans the adsorber in the desorption state, and the desorbed nitrogen is discharged through the muffler
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