The usage method of the hypodermic


1. (hypodermic)Bring the supplies to the bedside, check and explain to the patient for cooperation. Select the injection site, disinfect the skin with 2% iodine tincture and 70% alcohol, and wait to dry.

2. (hypodermic)Inhale the liquid medicine into the syringe, exhaust the air, tighten the skin with the left hand, hold the syringe with the right hand, fix the needle bolt with the index finger, and the inclined plane of the needle is upward at an angle of 30 degrees to 40 degrees with the skin. Those who are too thin can pinch up the injection part, quickly stab into two-thirds of the needle, release the fixed needle bolt with the left hand, and push the liquid medicine without blood return.

3. (hypodermic)After the injection, gently press the needle with a sterile cotton swab, quickly pull out the needle and clean the objects.
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