Difference between medical bandages and medical gauze


1.Medical bandages are mainly divided into two categories: gauze bandages and elastic bandages. Medical gauze mainly refers to degreased gauze.

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2.Medical bandages are mainly used to bandage wounds, fix wounds, and prevent wound infection. Medical gauze is mainly used to bandage wounds to prevent wound infection.

3.Medical bandages are used for dressing and fixation after in vitro wound dressing in hospital surgery and family; for surgery, orthopedics, lower extremity varicose veins, preventing blood circulation caused by swelling of limbs and swelling diseases after removal of plaster of limb fractures of dressing. 

Medical gauze is mainly used for one-time blood-sucking and medicine application in surgical operations in hospitals and infirmaries and home health care.
4.Medical bandages are generally sold in the form of non-sterile medical products. When purchasing medical bandages, pay attention to whether the product is complete, especially its appearance, and confirm whether it is white, free of pollution, and no broken wires. Medical gauze is mainly sold in sterilization method and aseptic method. The former needs to be sterilized after being opened before it can be used. For wound dressing, when purchasing medical gauze, it should be noted that the whiteness of the gauze should not be lower than 80 degrees.

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