The usage of the medical gauze


1. Pure cotton gauze (also known as all cotton gauze) is mainly used for quilt, silk quilt lining and cotton tire wrapping. It can also be used for medical use after degreasing and industrial use after sizing and shaping.

2. Cotton bleached gauze (also used as whitening gauze or whitening gauze) advocates health due to the improvement of people's living conditions. All cotton bleached gauze is treated by bleaching and softening process. It is natural, pure white, comfortable and environment-friendly. It is the preferred lining for quilt and silk quilt. It can also be used as a mask.

3. Degreasing gauze is mainly used for medical bandages, medicine cloth, ointment, etc.

4. The mask gauze is used as a mask. It can be rolled (large roll) or matched, which can meet the needs of different cutting methods of the manufacturer.

5. Mosquito net gauze, used as mosquito net.
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